In 1963 the world's first tractor mounted, hydraulic post driver with digger was invented...

Fencing would undergo a Revolution...
That machine was a Munro
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Wire Winder

Rolling up old fence wire? 2 hours to do 200m?

Save time, money and your physical wellbeing with the Munro WireWinder.

Developed by fencing contractors and engineers, the WireWinder has proved to be a must have for anyone involved in fencing.

  • Eurohitch or Burder
  • Fast and Powerful
  • Low maintenance required
  • Easy to use
  • One man operation
  • Reduces fatigue and injury
  • Barbed, plain ringlock or a combination of wires

Contractors using this equipment have wound up a full 300acre dairy farm system ( Predominately 2-3 plain wire fences) lane systems and paddocks in 25 hours. That's approximately 50 lineal kilometers, pulled off posts then wound up.

Machine is capable of up to 3 panels of ringlock at once, or a combination of barbed and plain in-excess of 10 wires at a time, and speeds up to 20 kmh!

Winding up fence lines at a rate of up to 300m per minute makes it an invaluable machine for any contractor or person looking to tackle the big jobs.