In 1963 the world's first tractor mounted, hydraulic post driver with digger was invented...

Fencing would undergo a Revolution...
That machine was a Munro
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(Tractor Added Downforce) TAD System

Parts in this section

Ref No. Part Description Part No. Price ($) Qty
F1 Y Frame Main Arm AD1201 399.00
F2 Pivot Arm AD1202 342.00
F3 Sliding Arm AD1203 114.00
F4 Bolt (Pivot Arm) AD1204 3.33
F5 Nut (Pivot Arm) AD1205 1.14
F6 Pivot Pin AD1206 17.58
F7 Roll Pin AD1207 2.09
F8 Bolt (Y Arm) AD1208 2.38
F9 Arm Lock Plate AD1209 28.50
F10, F14 Nut (Y Arm) AD1210 0.71
F11 Lower Linkage Arm Side Plate AD1211 12.45
F12 Linkage Arm Yoke AD1212 28.00
F13 Slide Plate Bolt AD1213 1.90
F15 Roll Pin AD1215 3.00
F16 Yoke Nut AD1216 1.43
F17 Shear Pin & Circlips AD1000 17.50
F18 Yoke Washer AD1217 0.48
TAD System (Downforce) 056, AD1200 2390.00
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