In 1963 the world's first tractor mounted, hydraulic post driver with digger was invented...

Fencing would undergo a Revolution...
That machine was a Munro
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Ref No. Part Description Part No. Price ($) Qty
S1 AutoDriver Tele Control valve sticker STK10-P01-A 42.75
S2 AutoDriver STD Control valve sticker STK10-P02-A 42.75
S3 AutoDriver STD Serial sticker (printed serial no.) STK10-P06-A 11.40
S4 Serial sticker, Multi & Tele STK30-P03-A 14.25
S5 AutoDriver Tele Serial Sticker (printed serial no.) STK10-P07-A 11.40
S6 AutoDriver Blank Serial Sticker (no serial code printed) STK10-P08-A 14.25
S7 AutoDriver Downforce valve sticker STK10-P03-A 11.40
S8 Side Shift sticker, Multi & Tele STK30-P07-A 7.60
S9 Common "Look up and live" sticker STK20-P01-A 7.60
S10 Common PPE and safety sticker STK20-P03-A 14.25
S11 AutoDriver Supply sticker STK10-P05-A 1.90
S12 Common Oil grade sticker STK20-P02-A 7.60
S13 Telescopic Mode sticker STK30-P04-A 11.40
S14 AutoDriver Digger Removal sticker STK10-P04-A 4.75
S15 Common Lubrication sticker STK20-P04-A 11.40
S16 Common Top link caution sticker STK20-P05-A 11.40
S17 Safety guard sticker, Multi & Tele STK30-P02-A 13.30
S18 Auger Driver sticker, Multi & Tele STK30-P01-A 32.30
S19 Auger Feed sticker, Multi & Tele STK30-P05-A 11.40
S20 "Crush Zone" sticker, Multi & Tele STK30-P06-A 15.68
S21 MUNRO Dolly sticker STK30-P08-A 21.16
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