In 1963 the world's first tractor mounted, hydraulic post driver with digger was invented...

Fencing would undergo a Revolution...
That machine was a Munro
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AutoDriver SideShift Top Link Cylinder

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Ref No. Part Description Part No. Price ($) Qty
T1 Single Side Shift Top Link Cylinder SS5000 617.50
T2 Category 2 Threaded Cylinder Extension (Short) SS5001-S 84.09
T3 Category 2 Threaded Cylinder Extension (Long) SS5001-L 85.00
T4 Threaded Cylinder Adapter SS5002 66.03
T5 Threaded Cylinder Adapter Extension SS5003 76.18
T6 Top Link Elbows (2 of) SS5004 68.25
T7 Category 2 Pin & Lynch Pin - 8.00
T8 Side Shift Top Link Base Hose ADH-SSTLB 54.26
T9 Side Shift Top Link Rod Hose ADH-SSTLR 70.85
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