In 1963 the world's first tractor mounted, hydraulic post driver with digger was invented...

Fencing would undergo a Revolution...
That machine was a Munro
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Side Shift Main Cylinder Assembly

Parts in this section

Ref No. Part Description Part No. Price ($) Qty
C1 Single Side Shift Cylinder 10001 705.00
C2 Cylinder End Nut SS3001 13.19
C3 Side Shift Cylinder Base Nipple SS3002 1.92
C4 Side Shift Cylinder Rod Elbow SS3004 9.34
C5 Cylinder Mounting Bolt (each) - 5.95
C6 Spring Washer (each) - 0.51
C7 Side Shift Base Hose ADH-SSB 65.40
C8 Side Shift Rod Hose ADH-SSR 68.50
- Drop Hammer Side Shift Cylinder Base Hose* DHH-SSCB 65.40
- Drop Hammer Side Shift Cylinder Rod Hose* DHH-SSCR 68.50
* Applicable only to Drop Hammer Single Side Shift
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